After All This Time, Nixon Remains Memorable

Remembering Nixon (Image: MGN)

Yesterday marked the day that Richard Nixon stepped down as President of the United States, forty-two years ago. After the Watergate scandal, it didn’t take long for the President to realize his time had come. Yet, he showed great courage and humility by admitting his wrongs and letting someone else take the reigns.

Yesterday marked a very historic day for our country. August 8th, 1974 was the day that Richard Nixon resigned from the Presidency, in light of the Watergate scandal.

Forty-two years ago, we said goodbye to a President, who was proven to be guilty in a massive scandal.

When Nixon resigned it was a massive televised event. He announced his resignation and said that the Vice President, Gerald Ford, would be sworn in as active President the following day at noon.

In the address, Nixon said, “I have never been a quitter. To leave office…



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