Affirmative Action Program to Drain the Leftist Swamps at Universities

It’s time for some Affirmative Action on our college campuses — not for racial, ethnic, gender, or class diversity but for political diversity.

On most college campuses, Leftist instructors now outnumber conservatives by about 12 to 1, and on some campuses, one cannot find a single conservative professor in the history, political science, sociology, or English departments.

For decades, Leftist deans and administrators at our universities have cultivated racial, ethnic, gender, and class diversity on their campuses. That’s mostly a good thing. But at the same time, they have systematically discriminated against Conservative perspectives and viewpoints in their hiring and instruction. Their schools have gradually become places where everyone looks different but thinks the same. University leaders proudly celebrate their diversity in everything except political philosophy.

Now, Left-wing fascistic mobs in masks and ninja outfits threaten violence against anyone the Left chooses to target. And university deans and department heads are going along with it in the name…



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