Actor James Franco Ruins Professor’s Long-Winded Abortion Defense With Only 7 Words

James Franco

The latest video of actor James Franco and Philosophy Professor Eliot Michaelson YouTube series  Philosophy Time is a classic. Guest Elizabeth Harman, professor of philosophy at Princeton University delivers what is likely the most long-winded imbecilic explanation of why Abortion is moral in the history of long-winded imbecilic explanations, and in the end, her argument is destroyed by James Franco using just seven words.

You see, according to Ms. Harmon abortion is moral because it is killing a fetus, and because the fetus is dead it will never grow up and amount to anything. Folks, this isn’t a satire or one of my trademark snarky comments, that is really her argument.  It is hard to believe that she is teaching students at an Ivy League college.

What’s easier to believe is that when Harmon was an “early fetus” the great fairy of stupidity sprinkled fairy dust on her mother’s



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