About that $15 an Hour Wage Hike…..RISE OF THE MACHINES

Fast food workers may very well be meeting their worst nightmare. While they were out, protesting for $15, Miso Robotics were busy creating, “Flippy.”

Flippy is a quicker, more efficient alternative to humans, and could quickly take over the fast food chain market.

Earlier this week, CaliBurger – an international chain that operates in twelve countries, including the US where it now has seven locations – announced it would roll out Flippy in more than 50 locations by the end of 2019, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. For now, the robot is getting a test run at a location in Pasadena, California, near both the CaliBurger and the Miso Robotics headquarters (which I assume could be very helpful if the robot suddenly becomes sentient and seeks to meet its creator).

[embedded content]

While they state that “Flippy” is not currently meant to replace people, I think it is…



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