ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Full Broadcast – 04/20/2024

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle passing a $95 billion foreign aid package, that aid package now on its way to the Senate; An explosion at a militia base in Iraq amid tension between Israel and Iran; and America Strong – a young man’s efforts to remember and to honor the greatest generation.

00:00 Intro
02:07 story 1 The House of Reps passing a $95 billion foreign aid package
06:27 story 2 Explosion at Iraq base amid tensions between Israel and iran
08:35 story 3 Millions on alert for flash flood threat in the south
09:38 story 4 five shot at senior skip day gathering in Maryland with hundreds of teenagers
11:01 story 5 Disturbing video released of a controversial traffic stop in Ohio
13:00 story 6 Volkswagen workers join labor union in historic move
15:17 story 7 Pro-Palestine protesters return to Columbia University, USC canceling commencement speakers
15:40 story 8 No charges for North Carolina group that took selfies with bear cubs in dangerous incident
16:17 story 9 Taylor Swift’s record breaking new album
16:45 story 10 LSU Gymnastics Wins
17:05 story 11 Longest working TSA explosive detecting dog retires
17:41 story 12 America Strong: Young man honors the greatest generation, documenting their stories

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