A Ticket to Hell: A Response to Charles M. Blow and the New York Times

The article opens by saying, “Donald Trump has spent his whole life overselling an overinflated vision of himself and his success.” But has he? I mean, our new president is in no way a modest man and it’s silly to say that he is. However, the idea that he’s “overinflated” his success is an overstatement in and of itself. He is one of the most successful men that this country has ever seen. He just upset the oligarchy and the elite by pulling off the biggest and most unlikely presidential upset in the history of our nation. How could one “over inflate” something as remarkable as that?

Next, the author, Mr. Charles Blow implies that President Trump was jealous of, then president, Obama. I would say this is an accurate implication. I agree with Mr. Blow because I was jealous of Obama too. I was jealous, probably in the same way…



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