A Response To Donald Trump From A Former Army Sergeant

First, I would like to say that I am a former Army Sergeant with 5 years of service, including multiple tours of combat operations in Iraq. I myself have been diagnosed with mild PTSD, as well as a few other bodily ailments brought on from my service.

To Donald Trump, I would like to respond to the comments that he made the other day about me and my fellow veterans suffering from PTSD and those of us that are “strong” and those that “can’t handle it”, referring to the scars that only we can see.  I’m not mad, upset or criticizing him like the mainstream Liberal media is. I truly do not believe that he meant any offense, or intentionally demeaned those veterans that have battled with PTSD and have succumbed to their personal demons.  I have lost battle buddies to PTSD and have personally tried to drown my…



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