A Melancholy Father’s Day: The First Without My Dad

This year’s Father’s Day does not seem as happy as the previous 58 Father’s days in my life. It’s hard to enjoy since my dad passed away just seven months ago.

When giving medical advice to friends, as friends do, I always joke that my knowledge was based on the fact that my father was an M.D., no he wasn’t a physician. he way a house painter (and in certain circles I was known as the painter’s son). My dad was an M.D. because they were his initials is name’s Milton Dunetz.

Dad passed away early Wednesday morning November 2nd (sorry liberals but he voted early for Trump before he passed away). And both of his parents were of Russian decent, so maybe it was his vote that was the Russian conspiracy (it’s a joke folks). Dad was a conservative who loved this country and served in the Philippines right after WWII. He thought the…



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