A Letter To The President July 5th, 2016

A Letter To The President July 5th, 2016 (Image: MGN)

Dear Barack Hussein Obama,

How can you allow organizations under your control, under your watch, to make such dumb decisions?

That’s a genuine question.

We get it, trust me we do, that being the President is hard. Yet, no offense Mr. President, but that is kinda common sense, isn’t it? That’s why you don’t see Joe Schmoe trying to be the president. It’s hard. Not everyone can do it, but you at least still have to try.

You won the presidency, not once but twice. I’m not sure how you won the first time, let alone the second, but because you won you have a responsibility. Yet, you don’t take responsibility for your office, do you? You piss away your hours taking vacations and not interfering where you should.

The FBI has just come forward and said that Hillary is…



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