A Country I No Longer Recognize

It gives me no pleasure to write this essay. In just the last decade, my country has transformed into an unrecognizable land so diverse from my childhood that I weep today.

At times, I truly wonder if ISIS has taken hold here, eager to destroy every historical landmark of our heritage through the politically correct process.

Among many, including Las Vegas, which people seem to be anesthetized to already – was the one I believe sent us over the top:

A terrible tragedy befell the residents of Charleston, South Carolina in which a man who was seen previously waving the Confederate flag sat in a Bible meeting for an hour and then murdered nine innocent people, including the pastor.

In the aftermath — and I do not mean to brush aside the incredible grace of the families of those murdered by any means — the debate  has shifted from

Baron Von Kowenhoven

Baron Von Kowenhoven

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