9-Year-Old Mails Trump His Savings After Learning He Doesn’t Take a Salary: President Responds!

When a 9-year-old boy from Tennessee heard that President Trump was only going to take a $1 salary he decided he needed to help.

“I thought, how is he going to eat or drink,” Eli’sha Davies told WBIR. “Or, you know, pay, if he needs to pay his water bill or anything.”

Eli’sha then told his mother, Melissa, that he wanted to send some money to Trump. He sent the President $3 he had worked to save.

“My first impression was like, ‘You’re going to give your money away again,’ cause he’s been trying to save it up for a mandolin,” Melissa recounted to WBIR. “But at the same time, I was like, I don’t want to discourage his generosity, and I think it’s sweet.”

Eli’sha sent a letter to the newly sworn-in president in January, enclosing his donation of $3.

As the months passed, he forgot about it.

Baron Von Kowenhoven

Baron Von Kowenhoven

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