8 Women Now Accuse Matt Lauer of Sexual Harassment, The Latest Details Are Shocking!

As the number of women claiming Matt Lauer was sexually inappropriate has grown to “as many as eight,” NBC is denying that its execs know about his alleged indiscretions until a meeting earlier this week.

Are you kidding me? NBC is going to deny this because it means huge lawsuits. This is like Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood. Everyone covered it up. Just keep digging and more will victims will eventually come out.

From Zero Hedge:

It’s been just over a day since a shaken Savannah Guthrie informed Today Show viewers that her former co-host Matt Lauer had been fired due to allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior – the latest, and one of the highest-profile casualties in the widening national reckoning with sexual harassment in the workplace. And now, NBC’s top brass, which said they fired Lauer after an employee filed a complaint about inappropriate behavior that reportedly began during



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