7 Reasons You’re Always Feeling Tired

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Have you noticed that fatigue is a strong component of your routine? Do you know why you feel tired all the time?

Fatigue is a natural response of our bodies to daily stress. But when it becomes regular, then it is time to evaluate your general health.

The excess of tasks and challenges of today’s world can leave anyone tired but, this fatigue tends to be occasional and improves after rest.

When that doesn’t happen, the fatigue becomes too intense to execute even mundane tasks.

We have talked plenty of times on our channel about how you can improve your sleep quality and have a repairing sleep.

Now, let’s see some reasons why you are feeling tired all the time:

1. You have acid reflux
Maybe your sleep isn’t as good because of acid reflux.

2. You have sleep apnea
Another reason for poor sleep is sleep apnea. Has anyone ever complained about your loud snoring during a quick nap?

3. You have a hormonal issue
According to experts, feeling tired all the time can be a symptom of thyroid disorder or polycystic ovary syndrome.

4. You caught a virus or bacteria
If you were sick a few weeks ago, there are probably still some residues of a virus or bacteria in your body.

5. You are dehydrated
Maybe you are just thirsty. It’s the same feeling of hangover.

6. You are eating wrong
Since we talked about nutrients and water, it’s worth remembering that a good diet contributes to ward off fatigue. You are what you eat.

7. You don’t exercise or exercise too much
Training increases your endorphin levels and helps you sleep better. Did you know that?

0:00 Tiredness and fatigue causes
0:45 Acid reflux and fatigue
1:01 Sleep apnea
1:25 Low energy levels and hormones
1:55 Post-viral fatigue
2:15 Dehydration and tiredness
2:31 Poor diet and fatigue
2:49 Lack or excess of exercise


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