4 recent U.S. sword attacks you didn’t hear about

Buckingham Palace

WASHINGTON – You don’t hear about sword attacks every day in the 21st century, but they seem to be on the rise after two last Friday – one on police in Brussels and the other on police at England’s Buckingham Palace – both carried out by Muslim terrorists.

In Brussels, a 30-year-old Belgian of Somali origin attack soldiers in the center of the city before being shot dead. Witnesses said the assailant shouted “Allahu akbar” while attacking the officers.

An hour later, at Buckingham Palace, a man also screaming “Allahu akbar,” used a four-foot sword to send two officers to the hospital with laceration wounds.

The incident, which police have called a terrorist act, happened around 8:30 p.m. The officers were patrolling a restricted area of Constitution Hill near Buckingham Palace when a blue Toyota Prius drove up to their van.

The attacker was subdued with irritant



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