19 Year Old Raped at Gun Point: Sentenced to Death for Adultery

A justice story brought to you by our Sharia oriented friends from the religion of peace.  A nineteen year old woman was sleeping in her bed when her cousin sneaked into her bedroom and raped her at gunpoint.  Later, the Sharia Court ruled that she had seduced the cousin and he was set free and the rape victim was sentenced to death.

So, somehow, while she was sleeping she induced her cousin to leave his house, sneak into her parent’s home with a gun and rape her.  Sure, I can see how that could happen.  Perhaps Bill Cosby should convert to Islam?

 The woman said she was asleep at her family home in Rajanpur, in the country’s central Punjab province, when the attack happened.

She reported the crime to the local panchayat, a…



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