1/3 of Millennials Believe A Co-worker Complimenting Their Looks is Sexual Harassment

The news is saturated with allegations of sexual misconduct ranging all the way from calling a girl “sweetheart” (gasp!) to rape (horrific). So maybe it is time to delve a little deeper into what constitutes sexual harassment, because it appears there is a very wide discrepancy between what is acceptable and what is not.

There certainly may be age, gender and cultural gaps in employees beliefs about sexual harassment. But individuals also vary wildly within groups. While some may welcome compliments, others are offended. What is funny to one person, is not to another.

It seems we are headed to a place where men and women are supposed to forget they are men and women when they walk into work.

H/T Daily Wire

After Hollywood exploded with sexual assault and harassment allegations ignited by Democratic mega-donor and big-time movie producer Harvey Weinstein’s actions, a national firestorm of sexual



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