Wealthy Winstead Thinks Ivanka Trump Too Privileged To Be a Feminist

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Newsbusters

Feminists are taking things a little too far these days. Of course, pro-abortion was always extreme, but having Donald Trump as a president was apparently the perfect way to trigger even more activism. At least, that’s what Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead told CNN.

In an interview with Joann Sierra, Winstead shared her thoughts on Trump, sexism, and her favorite topic: reproductive rights (read:abortion). She also addressed the infamous claim made by other members of the Daily Show, that their news was the most accurate. In her words, “You could fact check our show and it would be correct. Is it all the news you need? No. But, is it accurate? Yeah.”

“If late night alienates you, then, what is it about the truth that you feel alienated by?” she asked.

Oh, and Ivanka Trump isn’t a feminist because she’s too privileged. When asked why Ivanka is getting so

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