The Look On Meghan McCain’s Face After Pelosi’s Replies To Her Question is PRICELESS [Video]

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This is a trigger alert because in this video you will see House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi extolling the greatness of the Democrat side of Congress. What is equally as sickening is the applause that her fabrications get from the liberals in the audience.

It starts out with a question from Meghan McCain and rolls on from there. Meghan wants to know about the fractures in the Democrat Party. According to Pelosi, there is no fracture and the Democrats are in charge and offering all the answers that America needs. 

You have to hand it to Nancy, she did not lose her train of thought today. She appeared to have all her talking points all lined up and spewed them forth with authority. Mz McCain was astounded by the Pelosi response but was never allowed to follow up with any conservative talking points. Watch at the risk of your own mental health.

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