The FISA Warrant Is Irrelevant! Not Needed to Spy on Trump [MUST SEE!]

The media is misleading us if they claim the FISA warrant was essential to the question of putting Trump under surveillance.

The role of a FISA warrant is being put at the center of the controversy of whether the government spied on Donald Trump. Here, for example, is the odious Al Franken asking Associate Attorney General nominee Rachel L. Brand about whether President Obama could have tapped Donald Trump phones.

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Franken pretends that a FISA warrant was necessary. He’s wrong.

Consider the Judge Napolitano said on Fox & Friends about the issue:

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Furthermore, Justin Raimondo points out other problems with the story about the FISA warrants.

As Edward Snowden revealed, the National Security Agency (NSA) scoops up everyone’s communications, and stores them in a database for later retrieval. Loosely-observed “rules” are supposed to make it hard (but not impossible) for the spooks to spy on…

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