The Disgusting Initiation For New Prisoners on Rikers Island [VIDEO]

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I have heard of and seen some pretty weird initiations before, but the one they have at Rikers Island is just gross.  Rikers Island is a jail for New York City.  The difference is that in college if you refuse to go through with the initiation, you just don’t get into the fraternity or sorority you were trying to pledge to.  But at Rikers you get a shiv in your kidneys while you are in the shower.

The initiation for Rikers is simple but disgusting.  You have to eat a live mouse.  In the video, for those of you with stomachs strong enough to stand watching, shows a prisoner hold a mouse by the tails as he chews and swallows it.

UNITED STATES – FEBRUARY 13: Aerial view of Rikers Island. (Photo by…

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