Obama Admin Knew Nasty NK Secret But Kept Silent!

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Joe For America

Unlike Obama, Trump is not afaid to back up his words with actions. Trump isn’t just going to draw a ‘thin red line’ like Obama did and cross his fingers and hope that no one crosses it. As demonstrated already by Trump’s actions against Syria and Afghanistan, he has demonstrated to other world leaders, they are not going to get away with committing treacherous crimes against their own citizens, others or even ours.

Unlike Obama, Trump is also not going to hide any intelligence reports and then shy away from making the tough decisions. It’s the main reason why the Trump administration recently made public intelligence information about North Korea. The sad part is, Obama KNEW about the intelligence reports, purposefully buried it, so he could then do absolutely NOTHING about it.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Newly uncovered evidence suggests the seemingly bombshell news North Korea now possesses the capability to

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