Judge to Menendez corruption jury: ‘Clear heads’ and come back

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Amid allegations of sexual assault against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, a scandal centered on a Democratic senator is getting little notice.

But that might change, as a jury in New Jersey reported Monday being deadlocked on all 12 counts in the case against Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J.

In a note to U.S. District Judge William Walls, jurors wrote that they “can’t reach a unanimous verdict.”

“Is there any additional guidance and what do we do now?” the foreman asked the judge in his note around 2 p.m., explaining the group could not reach a verdict on any of the counts.

Walls ordered the seven-woman, five-man jury home for the day to “clear their heads” and to continue deliberating until they reach a verdict in the trial of the Democratic senator.

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