Deep Concerns About What The U.S. Army Just Did

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After reading what the United States Army just did to its recruiting standards, it is no wonder that retired Army LtCol Allen West has deep concerns. There is no way to sugar -coat the fact that the Army has changed those standards to allow waivers for applicants with mental and behavioral problems. Why in the name of all that is patriotci would the Army do this? Their resoning seems flawed. Read on.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Boy howdy, back this same time of the year in 2013 when we decided to launch allenbwest.com, I never believed there was enough news content for daily commentary. I was terribly wrong. And here I sit in my home office in Dallas just scratching my head in wonder, what is happening to my Army? We’re just coming off Veterans Day weekend and the news is immensely disturbing — heck, troubling. Just when I

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