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Google-memo author shot down by federal labor board

(Arstechnica) Former Google engineer James Damore has attempted to take civil and legal action against his former employer after being fired in August, but on Thursday, a federal memo revealed that one of Damore’s filings has been unequivocally denied. The National Labor Relations Board published its memo this week, which was issued in January after […]

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ICE sweep leads to dozens of arrests in L.A.

Federal deportation officers staged a massive enforcement action  against businesses in Los Angeles this week, arresting 212 people and serving audit notices to 122 businesses that must prove they aren’t hiring illegals, according to a report on Friday in The Washington Times. The paper said that nearly all of those arrested were convicted criminals, according […]

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Judged: Embedded Tweet violates copyright

A judge in New York has reached the startling conclusion, startling because it upends years of precedent, that an embedded image of a social media tweet in a news article can violate copyright laws. The issue involves a candid image of Tom Brady taken by photographer Justin Goldman, who posted it on Snapchat, from which […]

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MSNBC Hosts Paint NRA Funding as Negating ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ By GOPers

<p>On Thursday, several MSNBC anchors at various times of day were fixated on NRA how spending had benefited a number of prominent Republican political figures who had tweeted out sentiments regarding “thoughts and prayers” after the Florida shootings. After MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle first raised the issue Thursday morning and spent almost three minutes listing and […]

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Blacks, Hispanics sue over ‘diversity’ set-aside for whites

A lawsuit has been filed by parents of Hartford, Connecticut, school children charging it’s unfair to limit the black and Hispanic enrollment of much-desired magnet schools to 75 percent of the student population. The case was brought by Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of nine Hartford parents against the state Department of Education’s race-based enrollment quotas […]

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Playstation data turned over to FBI in terror probe

Personal details that a Playstation 4 system might reveal about its owner have been delivered by Sony to federal authorities investigating claims that a Kansas resident tried to go to the Middle East to join a terrorist organization. The report comes from consumer tech information site WCCFTech, which includes an image of an application for a search warrant submitted by […]

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Palestinians admit stabbing rampage after blaming Jews

After repeatedly accusing Israel of planting knives next to the bodies of terrorists to make it appear they were attacking Israelis, a justification for killing them, an official Palestinian source has abruptly admitted the attackers were carrying out “stabbing operations,” reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. The news comes from Palestinian Media Watch, which translated a report in […]

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Mueller Indictments for Election Meddling: NO ‘American Was a Knowing Participant’

Three of those named have been accused of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Five have been accused of aggravated identity theft in the election investigation. The announcement was made by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating alleged Russian meddling. “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American was a knowing participant in […]

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