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Kim’s latest round of gruesome executions

Kim flips out again. (Youtube) Kim flips out again. (Youtube) When North Korea’s Kim Jong-un executes someone, it’s usually with the élan and flair reserved only for the especially psychotic. A prime example would be his latest rounds of executing those who’ve fallen from his favor. With such grandiose titles such as “Great Successor to the Revolutionary […]

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Arabs now strategize to take down Israeli courts

Palestinian leaders are proposing a new tactic to combat Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank, recommending that the Palestinian court system, rather than Israel’s, be used to resolve land disputes and other issues, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. The recommendation was made at a recent Palestinian legal conference attended by Hassan Al-‘Awri, an adviser to President Mahmoud […]

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Immigration watchdog: Bush echoing Obama on radical Islam

Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama (White House photo) Former President George W. Bush indicated he considers President Trump’s recent executive order a “Muslim ban” and opposes efforts to infringe upon anyone’s freedom to worship, an analysis that one immigration experts suggests is evidence Bush doesn’t know what’s in the policy and is […]

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Over 50 Ways You Can Save Money $$$

What would you buy if you were able to save $5,000.00 a year? Who doesn’t wanna save money, take advantage of a bargain, SPEND LESS? Here are 54 ways to save money, enough tips that almost everyone can find something useful. H/T America Saves General Savings Tips Build an emergency fund. It can make all the […]

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The other Oscar mistake that should be corrected

“And the Oscar for Best Picture for 2017 goes to “La La Land!”… err… wait … no … omigosh … there’s a mistake … this isn’t a joke … the Best Picture award goes to “Moonlight!” Sunday night’s Oscar finale was epically embarrassing, but not the first time the Oscar nomination process went very wrong. […]

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