Bob Woodward Accuses Media Of ‘Binge Drinking the Anti-Trump Kool-Aid’

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By Onan Coca and Jeff Dunetz

Holy Cow! Yes It’s THAT Bob Woodward:  the same guy who as a young reporter broke the Watergate story and brought down President Richard Nixon working for the Washington Post. Woodward is no an associate editor for the newspaper which has become so liberal some call it the “bible” of the progressive left. Woodward now says the media has gone overboard in its anti-Trump bias.

Knowing what side his bread is buttered on, Woodward tempered criticism of his own employer the Washington Post, which has been among the most ardently anti-Trump voices in the mainstream media, But Woodward did articulate something that most Americans agree with: the media has gone too far in their anti-Trump coverage and they’ve begun reporting on their fears rather than on the facts.

“Stick to the reporting. Stick to the reporting. You have done a great job. Of course, one of the realities…

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