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Maybe football really is a religion

Colin Kaepernick’s rejection of the flag in 2016 was like the first stage of a hydrogen bomb; explosive elements of race, politics, and patriotism were packed into place and about to make a raging fireball. But why is the fallout still so dense and acrimonious? Miles of opinion columns covered the surprising divisiveness over an […]

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New York Times: Legitimizing anti-Semitism?

Adolph Eichmann at trial in Jerusalem after Mossad capture The Forty Years War between the New York Times and reality is revisiting old war scenes and once again stirring contention. Now they are using art critics for ammunition – specifically writer Jason Farago. Recently Farago reviewed “Operation Finale,” an exhibit on the capture and trial […]

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Art contest highlights hilarious Earth Day hypocrisy

Americans celebrated Earth Day a few weeks back, amid great fanfare and wholesome platitudes. Schoolchildren sang paeans to mountains and snails. We were model citizens, picking up piles of trash. There was even a “Council of All Beings” ceremony for earthworms to voice their pain over being called “slimy.” These are all pressing issues, but […]

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