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A Country I No Longer Recognize

It gives me no pleasure to write this essay. In just the last decade, my country has transformed into an unrecognizable land so diverse from my childhood that I weep today. At times, I truly wonder if ISIS has taken hold here, eager to destroy every historical landmark of our heritage through the politically correct […]

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Trump Sending #1 Man to Arizona’s Biggest Free Speech Event EVER: “We Won’t Be Shut Down…”

This weekend in Arizona, the biggest free speech rally EVER is happening and the White House is sending none other than President Trump’s personal confidant and #1 spiritual advisor Pastor Mark Burns to stand up to anybody trying to shut it down, Berkeley-style. Not gonna happen. If you know anyone within 500 miles of Phoenix […]

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‘SOMEONE’ Broke Into The Las Vegas Shooter’s Home During FBI Investigation and ‘NOBODY’ Noticed?

Serious questions revolve around the Las Vegas massacre and now the seemingly impossible happens? ‘Someone’ slipped by the FBI, entered Paddock’s house, took ‘nothing’ and then left ’empty-handed’? Something is definitely amiss! The Las Vegas shooter’s home that was broken into is in Reno, Nevada. He used it to to stash arms and ammunition. At LEAST […]

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Just In! Parents of Imprisoned College Student Reveal Horrifying Truth About North Korea!

The parents of Otto Warmbier have provided the horrific details of their first encounter with their son after he was flown home from North Korea in a near-vegetative state. On Jan. 2, 2016, University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier was arrested for allegedly attempting to steal a propaganda poster from the Yanggakdo International Hotel the […]

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