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Christian university nixes ‘anti-Islam’ event for terror-tied group

CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper speaks to reporters. An evangelical university in Tennessee canceled a summit on Islam hosted by a Republican candidate for governor in response to criticism that the speakers were anti-Muslim. The Homeland Security Summit, scheduled for Jan. 25 at Trevecca Nazarene University, was to feature speakers such as Bill French (a.k.a. Bill […]

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Facebook blocks funding for major pro-life movie

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger A crowdfunding site for a theatrical drama in production that promises to tell the “true story” of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that established a “right” to abortion has been blocked by Facebook. The movie’s producer, Nick Loeb, told WND the content of the pro-life movie, which exposes […]

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Study: Non-citizens 2.5 times more likely to commit federal crime

U.S.-Mexico border Supporters of open borders point to studies that show immigrants have a much lower crime rate than native-born Americans, but a new analysis of government data found that more than 44 percent of the people convicted of federal crimes in the United States are not American citizens. The study by the Center for Immigration […]

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The Hillary scandal everyone’s ignoring

Hillary Clinton With the Clinton Foundation now under Department of Justice scrutiny over allegations of “pay for play” politics, it’s clear that while the Clintons’ political power may be fading, their propensity for scandal isn’t going away. But there is more. The Federal Election Commission is examining a complaint that the Hillary Victory Fund — […]

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Another U.S. religious leader: Kill the Jews

U.S.-based Imam Abdullah Khadra A third Muslim imam in the United States has been recorded citing an Islamic text that prophesies the killing of Jews by Muslims. As with the other two imams, Abdullah Khadra, speaking at a mosque Dec. 8 in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area, was responding to President Trump’s Dec. 6 recognition […]

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Juicy details revealed as lawsuit says Google firing conservatives

James Damore, the Google employee who was fired after writing a memo accusing the tech giant of “alienating conservatives” at its Bay Area headquarters, has filed a class-action lawsuit along with another former Google engineer for wrongful termination. James Damore The suit, filed Monday in Santa Clara Superior Court in California with David Gudeman, charges Google […]

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Not so sweet: Sugar tax spikes soda prices by 75%

(Twitter @HaydenBedsole) One year ago, Philadelphia imposed a tax on sweetened drinks of 1.5 cents per ounce, expecting to fund all kinds of worthy causes such as community schools, recreation centers, libraries and parks. The revenue projections fell short, however, as sales of carbonated soft drinks – the largest sweetened beverage category – dropped 55 […]

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Trump deals another blow to Obamacare

The failure to repeal and replace Obamacare is regarded as perhaps the biggest legislative failure of President Trump’s first year in office. Yet, Trump managed to eliminate the linchpin of Obama’s signature law, the individual mandate, through the tax-reform bill passed in December. And now the administration is taking the first step toward implementing one of […]

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