ZETIA’S Established “Adverse Effects” (Still) Ignored By Prescribing Docs: Its Re-Branding & Deadly Consequences. Patients, Beware!

THIS site rarely delves into purely personal matters. In fact, the last time was in February 2017. Nonetheless, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, a “public service” warning (as it happens, its intersection is with a personal tragedy) is more than appropriate. Indeed, while one should always be mindful of counting one’s blessings, an intrinsic part of living life with gratitude requires an awareness of life-and-death dangers – keeping them at bay, wherever they lurk. 

A motto to live by.

MORE specifically, it is understood that Adina Kutnicki: A Zionist & Conservative Blog, first and foremost, tackles dangerously pressing issues relating to the security of the U.S. and Israel – with Islamic Jihad in the forefront. It is due to its “delicate” underpinnings that a decision was made not to monetize the platform, in so far that advertisers become “silent” partners, thus, beholden to. But that doesn’t mean that others are



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