YouTube Has Joined Other Social Media In Censoring Conservatives

There are few safe places left in the social media universe for conservative views to be shared, and thanks to YouTube the options are getting narrower by the minute.

Social media was a brazen boon for the free press, who were virtually shut out of the national, televised media landscape which has been dominated by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and other liberal outlets for decades.  Print news, however fleeting their time in the spotlight may be, also tends to fly left of center thanks to decades upon decades of democratic infiltration.

The internet, however, was once a land of opportunity for everyone.  A level playing field of exposure and ideology.  That is, until Facebook, Google, and their subsidiaries discovered a tool that they too could use to funnel their own political beliefs to the forefront.

That tactic involves the demonetization or rejection of advertisements that are shown

Andrew West

Andrew West

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