You’re kidding! Media accused of hypocrisy!

Networks and other establishment media outlets are blasting Sinclair Broadcast Group for having anchors at its affiliates all record the same promotional video, but a media watchdog says there’s nothing nefarious about the message and the bigger outlets are exposing their hostility for any sources that are not blatantly liberal.

The controversy began when the liberal sports site Deadspin edited a mashup of all the affiliates stating the same commitment to check facts before going on the air with any news stories.

Comedian and HBO host John Oliver said the video showed Sinclair and its affiliates to be a “brainwashed cult.” CNN and MSNBC spent considerable air time denouncing the supposed groupthink, as did some of the broadcast networks. That’s a decision that has Media Research Center Vice President for Culture and Business Dan Gainor fuming.

“This is a story that particularly annoys me because the media are being



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