You Won’t Believe What Women Are Putting in Their Vaginas For “Health” Reasons

In today’s world, there is not a single quack treatment that people don’t use and swear by it.  They never even question whether it’s safe or not.  They read something on the internet and assume anything on the internet must be true.

One of the latest trends is causing gynecologists to warn of the dangers.  Believe it or not, women are putting wasp nests in their vaginas to  tighten the vagina.  (Wouldn’t alum work better?)  You heard me right.  Women are putting ground up wasp nests in their vaginas to make them tighter.  (Make sure you remove the wasps first)

 A top doctor is warning against a bizarre trend that suggests ground-up wasp nests will help tighten the vagina.

While some natural ingredients are commonly used and endorsed for home remedies, Canadian gynecologist…



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