WTF? Mexican Man Cleared of Raping Teen Because He Didn’t ‘Enjoy it’

It is truly sickening that we live in a world where a girl can be raped, but her assailant is let go because he did not enjoy himself.

According to the Washington Post, Javier Fernandez’s 17-year-old daughter was raped by former classmates. At first he did not  go to the police because he wanted to get revenge himself. However, they did eventually go to authorities.

Out of options, the father and daughter filed a police report against some of the families, among the city’s wealthiest. The case languished for months, until Fernández released the men’s taped words to the news media, sparking national outrage. Finally, arrest warrants were issued. The first trial began a couple of months ago, after Diego Cruz, 21, was extradited to Mexico from Spain. (In a statement, the four accused deny ever admitting to the rape. They say Daphne got inside the Mercedes voluntarily…



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