Writing Angry: Celebrities, Supergirl, and Political Creep

Americans can put up with a lot when it comes to celebrities.  We still go watch Mission Impossible movies even after Tom Cruise had a bouncy seizure on Oprah Winfrey’s couch.  We can even forgive him for hawking a religion that has all the trappings of a cult to anyone outside of it.  People still tuned in to watch Joe Namath play football even after he admitted to a strange predilection for wearing pantyhose. (Well, strange for that time at least.  If Tom Brady did it now, we’d all let out a collective, “Whatever.”)

People even still watch the Kardashians even after it’s become painfully clear that they do absolutely nothing. Hell, they watch them specifically because they do nothing.

But one thing we cannot tolerate is the newfound need of any person with even a slight hint of notoriety to expound their political views if they get within 20…



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