Women’s Suffrage: A Triumph of the Grand Old Party–Not the Democrats

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, it is remarkable observing how the Democrat Party has attempted to lecture Republicans and the American people about women’s suffrage and equality. Either in ignorance or in duplicitous fashion, they repeatedly hijack American history, abusively perverting it in order to fit their own narrative of generations of Democrats fighting the moral, just, and virtuous battles for civil rights and for all things considered good by society.

And yet, with a little research, history stands on its own two feet and illuminates the lies fabricated and propagated by the party of Wilson.

In 1878, Aaron Augustus Sargent, a Republican U.S. Senator from California and husband of Susan B. Anthony’s close friend Ellen Clark, introduced the 19th Amendment for the first time to the United States Senate. Sargent’s first proposal was, of course, defeated by the Democratic Party. That disappointing vote on the floor of the Senate would only be the…



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