Women’s March leader enabled sexual assault of women [hypocrite!]

by Kylie Handler, editor

The left’s favorite Muslim activist, Linda Sarsour, was the leader of the anti-Trump Women’s March in January, where she boasted that she was speaking for all women in America.

Meanwhile, she was also an enabler of sexual harassers and attacked women that spoke out, according to recent accusations.

This, folks, is the insanity of the Democratic party. A former employee of Sarsour has come forward to accuse the Pro-Palestinian activist of allowing for an unsafe and abusive workplace environment for women.

Sarsour is the same person that called on liberals to join in a “jihad” — Muslim holy war — against President Donald Trump and his administration for “oppressing” her.

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During her time as the executive director of Arab American Association, Sarsour was allegedly approached by Asmi Fathelbab who explained that she was being sexually assaulted



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