Women’s March – Hijacked by Anti-Semitism?

This weekend there were numerous Women’s Marches scheduled around the country — and they had a decidedly anti-Semitic posture.  Much of the propaganda that is perpetuated by this so-called “Women’s Movement” is pro-Hamas. (Reminder- Hamas is a terrorist organization). How’d that happen? One of the original organizers is Linda Sarsour – you remember her, the activist with ties to Hamas. So it’s fairly natural that the movement would not just be anti-Trump, but pro-terrorist as well.

But this year, another woman with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas is part of the Florida march: Rasha Mubarak, the CAIR regional coordinator. (Read more about CAIR here).  And when several Jewish ladies attempted to say something about that, they were blocked and their comments deleted by the Women’s March page, saying that they “don’t tolerate hate.”

This was posted by one Jewish lady:

I will not support any march Rasha Mubarak is featured in.



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