Woman Who Had Her Throat Slit By Ex Faces JAIL if She Doesn’t Write Him Letters While He’s in Prison

This took place in the Britain, but given the stupidity of many of our courts – and “criminal justice reform” – it could be happening here at any time.

A woman in England called off her planned wedding to the father of their twin boys because he was drunk and abusive.  After she’d broken off with him he found out that she was dating another man and he flipped out.  He came home drunk, spent seven hours beating her senseless, and finally slit her throat.  The twin boys were forced to watch.

Miraculously the knife missed major vessels and arteries and she was able to call the police.  They found her tied up on the bed, the twin boys were in bed with her and they were all covered in blood.

You’re probably thinking, what a horrible crime.  Yes, but as his lawyer noted at trial, he had a good reason.



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