Woman Sucker Punches Lincoln Park Police Officer: Guess Her Excuse [VIDEO]

A woman has been arrested for sucker punching a cop.  During a routine traffic stop,  Lincoln Park Police Officer Patrick Culter, discovered that the woman driving had no driver’s license.  As the officer was arresting the woman, the passenger, Kristen Campbell, started shouting at the officer.  The officer got tired of her mouth and he threatened to arrest her if she didn’t quit trying to interfere in the arrest for obstruction.  Then she sucker punched him.  She now says she didn’t know he was a police officer.  Well, the badge and gun and full uniform should have given her a hint.

 Lincoln Park, MI – A woman ‘sucker-punched’ Lincoln Park Police Officer Patrick Culter during a traffic stop claiming she didn’t realize he was a police officer (video below.)

According to ClickonDetroit, Officer Culter…



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