Woman Pops Cyst With Screwdriver, Releases Mound of Yellow Gel-Like Puss [VIDEO]

A woman armed only with a 16 gauge screwdriver lanced a Ganglion cyst on her wrist.   Nicolette Madanat was suffering from the enlarged Ganglion cyst and she decided to take care of it herself.  Before I go on, allow me a moment to warn you that it is never wise to pop your own cysts especially those that have a little age on them.  A professional is needed to make sure the cyst is fully drained and steps are taken to prevent infection.  You could easily make a bad situation worse.

 In the one-minute clip, Madanat is shown squeezing the bump — apparently for the second time in her lifetime — in order to extract whatever’s been living in there. And immediately after the initial lancing, she (along with a gloved friend) manages to…



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