Wolf Blitzer Ditches Objectivity to Promote Russia Nonsense

The radical left’s “resistance” program has become so abstract that they are now openly rooting for Russia over the President of the United States.

This bizarre and un-American tactic has never been more apparent than it is today, as CNN personality Wolf Blitzer went on an incredible rant in the wake of Donald Trump’s decision to declassify a notorious FBI memo detailing incredibly salacious grievances against the President.

“Friday on CNN’s ‘Wolf,’ host Wolf Blitzer harangued Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, for releasing the much-anticipated FISA memo and doing so not at the same time as the Democratic Party minority memo, so that a side-by-side comparison could be made.

“’So, Putin has succeeded because that’s what’s happening right now,’ he said. ‘The whole nature of the support for the intelligence community, the law enforcement community, the fighting that’s going on here in Washington, he’s sitting

Andrew West

Andrew West

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