Will “Transgender” Sex-Offender Lure His Victims Easier as a Woman?

This is not a question of whether women can be or are sex-offender. Most people recognize that women can be as depraved as their male counter-parts. All one has to do is look at the outbreak of women teachers being convicted of rape in our country. But, what we need to ask is: are women more trusted by little girls than men are?

This question is important in light of events in England’s prison system.

Heat Street reports

A convicted rapist who is in line for a publicly-funded sex change operation has been moved to a women’s jail.

Father-of-three Martin Ponting, who has started hormone treatment, was jailed for life in 1995 after attacking two girls. He was serving his sentence at the high security men’s jail HM Prison Whitemoor in Cambridgeshire, eastern England.

Having decided to live as a woman, Ponting, now 50 years old, has been granted…



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