Will this count as a Christmas Miracle for President Trump?

This is not really a Christmas miracle. It is more like a Christmas hoax. The New York Times is no friend of the intelligence agencies of the United States. They are always first to lead with any information that can be damaging to them.

Until now, that is. Suddenly the Times is a great defender of the FBI. The Times points out the horrible political attacks by the Republicans and the awful President Trump. Trump is bad for morale at the agency. That never bothered them before. Maybe this is a miracle, after all.

As Written and Reported By Clay Morris for Newbusters:

How do you get the liberals at the New York Times to embrace America’s internal surveillance agencies? Get President Trump and Republicans to criticize them.

Saturday’s off-lead story by Adam Goldman and Maggie Haberman, “Hurdle Facing F.B.I. Chief? The President – Politics hard to Avoid as Trump Weighs In.” The



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