Will There Be Armed Security As Actors Cry Gun Control

We love celebrating the snipers at every NFL game. With the Oscars on tonight, the left is desperate to keep you from seeing all the armed guards protecting their anti-gun actors.

If you didn’t realize the Oscars were on tonight, then congratulations: You have a healthy relationship with Hollywood celebrities. But one press released from the LAPD is worth browsing before your Facebook feed is updated tomorrow with tales of brave actors crying about the Second Amendment.

LAPD: 500 Officers At The Oscars

As traffic in one of the most congested cities in the world is diverted so millionaires can gather in Hollywood to seek praise from one another, there will be “concentric rings of security” keeping an eye on the nearly one mile of Hollywood Boulevard. Officers will be receiving overtime pay and are joined by firefights and the FBI with police helicopters dotting the air. Oh, and there’s



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