Will Smith on Alabama election: ‘This is the purge, right?’

While appearing at a California press event, actor Will Smith weighed in on the special election in Alabama in somewhat apocalyptic terms, making a statement similar to one he made during last year’s general election.

“This is the purge, right? This is the cleanse, this is what happens. This is the natural reaction to the amount of light that came into the world when Barack Obama was president,” he said.

Writing at Newsbusters, Corinne Weaver reported:

Given that Smith was one of the original Obama fangirls, who told alleged sex harasser Matt Lauer that “it just hasn’t been a good thing to be American” until Obama was elected in 2008, the reaction was normal.

But Smith didn’t stop there. He continued in his rant, “We had to expect that [the pendulum] was going to go the other way. As a cleanse — this is the darkness before the dawn.”



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