Will Scott Baio Bring Happy Days Back to Bankrupt California?

The gubernatorial race in California has been heating up for months and new discussion about Happy Days star, Scott Baio entering the race has just put that discussion into overtime.

Calls began growing last week for Baio to enter the governor’s race which would upset apple carts for both Republican and Democrat candidates.

Baio has been active in politics almost all of his life. He has been appearing quite often on national news shows providing his views on various issues. He is very politically active on social media. It’s no secret that he is frustrated at the craziness all around us.

Baio was a speaker at the Republican National Convention in 2017.

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Last fall, Baio endorsed Republican John Cox for governor, saying Democratic rule of California is destroying the state.

“Google him. He’s a good guy, he’s a businessman and he’s not a politician. He wants to fix



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