Wilkow: Critical Race Theory Is CHILD-LIKE Socialism | Ep 244 | Wilkow

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Critical Race Theory seems to be everywhere, but Wilkow says there’s another layer to this: Critical Race Theatrics, where pundits and politicians present child-like views of socialism through the prism of race-based guilt. And what else can we do but CRITICIZE this outrageousness? Critical Race Theory (CRT) is nothing short of yet another attempt to force Marxism upon this nation through the side entrance and we must do everything we can to speak out against this – it’s infecting everything! From our elementary schools to our favorite burger joints — and it’s been on college campuses for years already. Larry Elder has a LOT to say about this and joins to discuss the outrage (rightly so) that so many people feel about this illogical — and deranged — way of thinking. Plus BlazeTV’s Chad Prather stops by to talk more CRT craziness he’s seeing even in Texas. WATCH more Wilkow: https://blazetv.com/wilkow

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