WIKILEAKS: CIA Prepared to Carry Out Undetectable Assassinations Using…


The U.S. intelligence community has done one heck of a job over the course of the last 60 or so years in destroying the trust once held in them by the American people.

The CIA has been targeted by a recent disclosure packet from Wikileaks, and some extremely disturbing information has been exposed.

The FBI, CIA, and others have consistently been at the center of a myriad of scandals and salacious news stories that question their very legitimacy in this modern world.  Now, a new bit of information being released by Wikileaks proves that the CIA was prepared to take their treachery to the next level.

WikiLeaks has claimed the CIA planned to hack cars and trucks to carry out assassinations.

“The secretive organisation said the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency used the phone’s geolocation software to tap into vehicle control systems in modern cars.

“The hacking organisation made the statement as…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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