Why? That is the biggest, most profound question in human existence. Why? We see the unexplainable, the horrific, the soul searing, and stare up at the sky, asking, “Why?” You will wait until you’re dust, pray until ice forms on your upraised palms, and never be able to comprehend, “Why?”

For the last week I’ve been studying the death of JonBenet. We’ll never understand the mind of the person who perpetrated the act, indeed, if we understand, then we are as depraved as that person was. No, the why here is why does it make any difference after twenty years. On this I can enlighten you. It makes a difference because the death of that little girl stole not only her life and innocence, but ours as well. We all wish that life were beautiful, and Shirley Temple was forever singing “The Good Ship Lolly Pop,” but JonBenet’s death reminded



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